January 6, 2012


What to do with last year’s Nikki McClure calendar?Use the beautiful prints to make clothes for paper dolls!  Better yet, use them to make hanboks for mini-boys and girls.  Since we celebrated Paisley’s first birthday last May, Noah is very familiar with the Korean traditional dress now.  We even shared his own hanbok at school recently.

We invited over our friend, Ada, and made it a fun activity to share.  I did feel a tinge of guilt cutting into the pretty papercut images, but now we can enjoy them in a whole new light.  I precut all the pieces (jacket, dress, pants, hair and sash) and these preschoolers went glue stick happy putting together their ensembles.  They drew the face and practiced writing their names on the back.  What a rewarding way to show our heritage to a friend and recycle an old favorite.

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