March 8, 2012

No Complexes Here…

It’s easy to laugh about it now as an adult, but Koreans are blunt.  They can come off rude or insensitive, but obviously it’s cultural and a different communication style.  Often you grow up hearing comments about your weight, appearance, life choices - everything and anything.  Nothing is off limits, really.  So if you managed to make it without a major complex, you’ve developed a thick skin, and you will go far in life!

along those lines…

Paisley has a big brown birthmark on her left leg.  When my aunt first saw it, she was shocked.  Following that, she has said frequently and with much fervor, “Thank God.  THANK GOD, that isn’t on her face!”  The thought didn’t even cross my mind, but it was hilarious to hear how thankful she truly was. 

These are the things I remind myself to take lightly and also make sure I don’t transfer over to little Miss P.  She often times points to it and says, “Ow.”  She even scratched at it once and said, “Jee-Jee”, which means “dirty”.  I just tell her, “No, it’s nice!” and give it a big kiss!  The subtle and beautiful details that make her HER…I need to remember to celebrate them. 

I worry about raising a confident, independent girl that won’t let anyone make decisions for her.  I always tell her she’s smart (right now, she’s into saying everyone she knows is “ddok-ddok-heh”).  What am I thinking?  I already have that.  On the contrary, I need to worry about how I {me, omma!} will survive raising a confident, independent girl that won’t let anyone make decisions for her!  Wish me (and all mothers to tigers) some luck.

*  P also has a little ‘dimple’, which I refer to as a dent, under her left eye.  It’s more pronounced when she’s lost in laughter…and very endearing.  Her eyes disappear but the dent is crater deep!

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