May 10, 2012

A Fresh Direct Production…

As much as we love Fresh Direct for its convenience, the weekly food orders produce a mountain of cardboard and other packaging materials that is a job in itself to sort through and recycle.  I saved up a few orders worth to see if we could do something with all the waste.

Today was a rainy and muggy day - perfect for doing a cardboard project indoors after school.  We used a few boxes and tape to form the basic structure for a mini puppet theater.  To create a more colorful and crafty feeling, we collected all the scrap paper and wallpaper samples we could find and rubber cemented/taped it over the cardboard.  Egg carton wrappers were used as a curtain and showtime!

Presenting:  “Turma da Monica (Monica’s Gang)”, featuring Cebolinha and Cascao.  This comic series is a classic Brasilian one and Ed’s favorite from his childhood…comparable to the Peanuts Gang in popularity.  It’s nice for me, but more so for Ed to see the kids enjoying the same pop culture he grew up with.

* Assuming this makeshift theater survives the week, we can easily make some homemade puppets with paper lunch bags, missing pair socks or simple cardstock on popsicle sticks.

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